Glad you stopped by. . . feel like stepping out on a Saturday night?  

Our Cabarets have been called unique, thought-provoking, brave, and heartwarming.  
In short, they simply SPARKLE!

The Wild Yam Cabaret has been delighting, exciting, and challenging its audiences for EIGHTEEN years.  Many of the Twin Cities' cutting-edge performers have showcased their work at our Cabaret, and developing artists have found a friendly stage and lots of support.  So grab a friend and come on down for poems, stories, songs, dance, and other genres too original to easily describe, all from a woman's point of view, and...

(But men like us, and we like them too.)


Our Women's History Month show on March 29, 2014, was a smashing success.
We can only hope to duplicate the wonderfulness next time around.

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We offer a friendly audience and a chance for you to try out new stuff, or polish up an old performance.  No performing experience?  This is a great way to get it!   If you want to be on a show, we'd like you to check us out first, so you know what you're getting into.  (Don't worry, this isn't American Idol!) E-mail us for more information.

We like the Black Forest in Minneapolis for our very special Women's History Month extravaganza in March. Our "regular" location  is the Mad Hatter Coffee Cafe and Teahouse  SAINT PAUL GALLERY at 943 W. 7th St. in St. Paul.  It is next door to the BURN UNIT, which is great fun, and has delightful snacks and drinks.   We are here through the good will of St. Paul Councilperson Dave Thune and his mom Fran, who have turned  the Gallery into a lively little community arts center.   We really like this venue--it's in an artsy part of town, and there's some fine feng shui down by the river.  We think you'll like it too. Take St. Clair Avenue going east to West 7th.  Turn right, go over the bridge, it's about  .8  mile past the West 7th/St. Clair intersection.  BURN UNIT is on their window (but it's in a kind of avant-garde font, so you have to really peer at it).  Start looking on your right once you've gone past the Schmidt Brewery.  (Also, there's a red neon pawn shop sign across the street). Here's a map.